Chablais UNESCO Global Geopark

  • Panaroma depuis le belvédère de Tréchauffé (La Forclaz)
  • Lac des Ecoles (Les Gets)
  • Géosite du château de Ripaille
  • Marais de Chilly
  • Lac des Plagnes
Panaroma depuis le belvédère de Tréchauffé (La Forclaz)Lac des Ecoles (Les Gets)Géosite du château de RipailleMarais de ChillyLac des Plagnes


The Chablais region has a globally unique geological heritage. In recognition of this, it is a UNESCO Global Geopark.
The remarkable environment of the Chablais impregnates the life and culture of its people. The strong links between man and the Earth can be seen through its mountain traditions, buildings, natural resources and legends …
This unique landscape tells a story which spans 245 million years. Before the mountains there was the Alpine Ocean. The future rocks of the Chablais were laid down as sediments in this ocean. When the Alps were formed, the rocks were moved, uplifted, fractured and folded. Glaciers then sculpted these stunning landscapes.
OpeningsFrom 01/01 to 31/12.
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    • Rock
    • Cave
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    • Mountain
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    • Themed path
  • Water :
    • Lake
    • Spring
    • Wetland
    • Pond
  • classifications :
    • World heritage (UNESCO)
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