Resort tax

In Châtel, visitor tax is levied on the number of nights booked, to reflect actual visitor numbers, as in more than 90% of winter sports and sum-mer resorts.

Resort tax is collected directly from the holiday-maker by the accommodation provider, who repays this tax to the local council.
And don’t forget: the tax revenue generated is spent on all the tourism-related initiatives.

Under 18s are exempt.



Accommodation type

Tariff per person and per day

Tourist hotel, Tourist residence, Furnished tourist lets


Palace €4
5* €3









 Holiday village 

4* and 5*


1*,2*, 3*



2* and 3*


2* and 1*


Chambre d'hotes   €0.80
The rate payable for all other unclassified accommodation is set at 5% of the overnight charge per person, up to a maximum of the highest rate adopted by the local authority or, if lower than this rate, the capped price applicable to palace that is to say €4. The cost of one overnight is deemed to be the charge for accommodation only, before taxes.