Suggested walks

Here are a few suggestions for walks in Châtel. You can find all the possible walks on the various maps on sale at Châtel Tourisme.

Whichever walk you choose, we recommend that you:

- Wear appropriate footwear and always take with you: warm clothing, preferably waterproof, plenty of water, sunglasses, sun cream and a small first-aid kit.
- Do not set off alone.
- Inform someone living in the valley of your plans.
- Do not change the planned itinerary indiscriminately. But do not hesitate to shorten it if necessary.
- Carry a map and even a torch.
- Check the weather forecast before setting off.
- In the event of a thunderstorm, move away from ridges, passes and summits as soon as possible and never take shelter under an isolated tree.

Please note: dogs must be kept on a lead because of the presence of herds and their guard dogs.

How should you behave when meeting a guard dog?
  1. Signal yourself so as not to surprise the dog (‘hello dog!’)
  2. As far as possible, go as far as possible around the herd without endangering yourself.
  3. If the dog approaches, stop or move forward slowly (but not towards the dog directly), do not stare into its eyes and speak to it calmly.

With walking sticks: hold them in one hand and point them downwards. Above all, don't brandish them.

By bike: get off the bike as soon as possible and walk forward pushing your bike. To reassure yourself, you can put the bike between you and the dog.

The dog will return to its herd.

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Easy hike, between the mountain pastures of Plaine Dranse and Les Combes to reach the lake of Queysets.
+33 4 50 73 22 44
Much of the route is in the he Mont-de-Grange reserve, established in 1984. By being discreet and with a little patience, you may be able to observe chamois, mountain sheep and marmots . Difficulty level : medium .
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This trail links three lakes and is great fun for all the family.
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A trail for experienced hikers that takes you from mountain pasture to mountain pasture through forest and clearings to Les Mattes.
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This walk follows the footsteps of former smugglers and customs officers who criss-crossed the region until the 1950s.
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During this walk you will cross mountain pastures and forests to reach Pointe du Midi, which offers you a magnificent panoramic view of the Valley and neighbouring Switzerland. Maybe you will see chamois there.
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Throughout the walk, you will discover some beautiful examples of local architecture in which the famous Abondance cheese is still made in the traditional way.
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A beautiful hike from the Col de Bassachaux. Panoramic views of the Portes du Soleil area, Mont de Grange, Mont Blanc, Dents du Midi, Lake Montriond...
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During the ascent to the chalet of Sur le Bord, a beautiful forest of spruces offers itself to you. This conifer, too often confused with its cousin the fir, is essential to the ecosystem of the subalpine layer.
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Easy walk to décourvrir Châtel and the Abondance valley from the heighs and some traditional wooden farmhouses. From the village center, climb to Petit Châtel. Area to park, on the left, at the corner.