Handiski activities

School Ski Academy also at your service to teach the skier "handicapped standing".
The pleasure of glide for everybody, skier or not, young or less young! You are a mountain-lover, but you can't ski (or can't anymore)?
Ok, you are not a skier - but the majestic scenery of our mountains attracts you? In which case, the TaxiSki might be for you!
The kart-ski (playful, stable, easy to use) is for people who want to ski independently with the use of their arms but not enough balance to ski with 2 skis.
For people of reduced mobility who want to make an escape! Get into a sit-ski and allow yourself to be guided by our appropriately qualified instructors to discover and share with them the pleasure of sliding, in the heart of the ski area of Châtel.
You suffer from a physical or mental malfunction, but you want to enjoy the big spaces and the pleasures of gliding sports?
Ecole Ski Academy offers to all persons with any disability, the chance to learn and develop the sport of skiing either un-assisted or as part of a tandem "taxiski". We have a large choice of equipment approved and suitable for all types of disability.
The tandem-ski is available for those with more severe disabilities and this ski gives them the opportunity to experience a form of skiing, safely and comfortably.