The trails

Blue downhill track which has been totally reshaped in 2017 and starts from Plaine Dranse.
It is the longest black one in the bike park since it is about 2.5 km long. It is known to have been the track of the Châtel downhill European Cup stage.
This black run offers a series of air passages, very technical rolling parts interspersed with more relaxing moments, it arrives on the ric & rac and a new optional end to join the start of the zougouloukata.
Black downhill track, it is a mix of stiff parts with roots or in side of slope decorated with rather skinny bridges!!
"Single" meadow playing with the natural relief of the terrain. Takes his departure not far from the Fantasticable. All riders will enjoy it with smooth lines that require light and precise driving! Medium level.
Green downhill track. Created in 2005, this has been completely reshaped in 2009 to be even more accessible for all to enjoy. Everyone will be able to ride it.
Black downhill track a technical single stiff with roots. A real challenge for advanced riders. 360 m difference in height, about 2,5 Km long, simple black.
The triple black triple that stirs the guts. Its departure is common with that of the Komatrautrail, but instead of going down the red slope, you still go down a few dozen metres on the ski slope.
The Black Shore is a track with a Canadian spirit: it is a quick and technical sequence of bridges, step down, roller coaster and other jumps. Be sure to spot it before you take it and enjoy it.
It is a blue run of about 2.5 km long and 360 m of vertical drop open to any pilot initiated to the MTB with a descending profile and accessible by the Pierre-Longue chairlift.
Very aerial black triple, this track is above all reserved for very good riders! It is a sequence of step down; double river gap, step up, etc. at a frantic pace.
About 1 km long and 300m of altitude difference, it is a red track of the upper part of the bike park. It was rebuilt between 2013 and 2014 to make it a technical, fluid and fast single.
Black shore track accessible via the Serpentine. This double black slope holds several technical and stiff passages in the forest.
Green downhill track of 1,2 km long which starts below Plaine Dranse.
Black downhill track. Using a new part of the forest of Châtel’s resort, this new trail will start from the last turn of the road going down to Plaine-Dranse. Pure line of freeride through trees and roots, the "Komatrotrail" is very technical. Only for good riders.
2.5km long and 360m high, this blue slope is divided into 2 parts. The upper part is wide and winding and provides access to several other tracks. Its lower part is more aerial and playful in the undergrowth.
Blue downhill track is located on the lower part of the bike park and has numerous curbs. It's a good track to learn how to ride in the curbs and to improuve.
Red downhill track which has been totally reshaped by the pro rider Scott Nico Vink in 2016.
Approximately 2.7 km long and 360m of vertical drop, this trail is divided into 2 parts. A first part, green, and a second part, wider and faster in the undergrowth, which receives most of the black tracks in the lower part of the bike park.