The trails

Attention: due to the chairlift works, the following slopes are closed: Vink Line (intermediate and lower part), People, Fluid, Ric and Rac and Humble Ride.
This red trail will start near the "Fantasticable". Done as a singletrack, its line is "smooth". Anybody with a medium level will enjoy riding it
Green downhill track of 1,2 km long which starts below Plaine Dranse.
Blue downhill track which has been totally reshaped in 2017 and starts from Plaine Dranse.
Black shore track accessible via the Serpentine. This double black slope holds several technical and stiff passages in the forest.
This Blue track is divided in two parts. The top part is wide and sinuous and access to other tracks. The bottom part is more areal and fun in the wood.
Black downhill track a technical single stiff with roots. A real challenge for advanced riders
Black downhill track at the top of the bike park . A technical, fluid and fast single.
In principle it’s a simple blue run of 2,5 km and a mere 360 m of gravity drop, with a profile that makes it accessible to all riders of all levels.
Blue downhill track is located on the lower part of the bike park and has numerous curbs. It's a good track to learn how to ride in the curbs and to improuve.
Created in 2011 this track is located at the top of Pierre-Longue area. It takes you to the cross which gives you the choice to ride the Blues & Rock, the Fluid, the Ric & Rac or the bottom of the People.
The Black Shore is a slope with a "Canadian spirit" : It is a fast and technical chain of footbridges, step down, roller coaster and jumps. Please inspect the slope before riding it.
Red downhill track which has been totally reshaped by the pro rider Scott Nico Vink in 2016.
Black downhill track, it is a mix of stiff parts with roots or in side of slope decorated with rather skinny bridges!!
It's the longest black run of the bike park. The European downhill cup took place on it.