After Boersch (Alsace), Mont Tremblant (Québec) and Seraing (Belgium), Châtel was twinned with Vias in 2004.

Located in south of France, in Herault district, with 4 413 inhabitants, Vias has the charm of those ancient places where trails of the past go side, in total harmony, with the sea-side pleasures and activities of a Mediterranean resort.

This twinning, even though it’s recent, it has already taken sharp with school trips, at the snow for the Vias children and at the sea for the Châtel ones. Mothers of Châtel have been to Vias for their traditional mothers festival trip, and 8 members of the “Club de Cyclotourisme de Vias” have linked the two towns by bike, that is to say 640km that they’ve done in 4 stages.

The key word of this twinning is “exchange”. Several tracks are on study, as a job centre for seasonal jobs, a bringing together of the Vias wine growers and the Châtel farmers...

The two communes are playing the card of complementariness between sea and mountain.