Located in the Laurentides region, Mont Tremblant is a summer and winter sports resort on the shores of Lake Mercier, only 90 minutes from Montreal and Ottawa, and 3 1/2 hours from Quebec by road.
It is one of Canada's most popular all-year-round vacation destinations.

Mont-Tremblant is one of the most beautiful villages in the Laurentides.
The scenery is magnificent and the Mont-Tremblant international tourist resort provides whole panoply of equipment that more than completes the existing tourist facilities.

Mont-Tremblant, the resort.

Tourism has always played an important economic role in the area and the various service providers have acquired an excellent reputation.
The range of activities available is virtually never-ending, and the accommodation and restaurants of a remarkable quality. Visitors are sure of a very warm welcome.

The scenery is magnificent, with every bend in the track bringing a new, even more breathtaking view. And take your time exploring the heart of the old village with its hundred-year-old houses with their red and green roofs, and numerous attractive shops.
Why not take advantage of the superb Indian summer here; come and enjoy the delicious maple syrup, take a walk on the shores of the lakes, or through the forests where you may even see caribou.
Whatever you choose, you will go home full of energy, with only one idea in mind ... to come back again as soon as you can.


A brief history of the twinning process:

The then mayor of Châtel, Mr Crépy, through the Pérréard family, suggested to the Mont-Tremblant authorities that it would be a good idea for the resort of Châtel and that in the Laurentides to be twinned.
The preliminaries lasted two long years. Finally, after a trip to Mont-Tremblant in September 1990, the marriage took place at an unforgettable ceremony on 24 October that year.
Since then, many people from Quebec have visited Châtel, and a number of voyages have been organised from Châtel to Mont-Tremblant.

The Anniversary:

Ten years of friendly relations, of new friendships and exchanges; this near perfect understanding deserved a special celebration!
The anniversary was in fact celebrated on two occasions, in September 2000 in Quebec and from 27 February to 9 March 2001 in Châtel.
On the second occasion a party of 42 came to Châtel from Mont-Tremblant. The Organising Committee prepared a particularly attractive program combining visits, cultural events, sport and gastronomy, with the aim of building even closer contacts.
To celebrate the anniversary officially, a gala evening for 250 guests was organised in the Châtelaine Hall with the Choucas Band and dancers;
The twinning has resulted in a number of exchanges:
For example, every year for the last eight years several young people from Châtel have spent their summer holidays in Mont-Tremblant. Similarly, two young people from Quebec come to Châtel. So don't be surprised if during your holiday, the hostess at the Tourist Office welcomes you with a delightful Quebec accent...
As a further step in their partnership, Châtel and Mont-Tremblant decided that they would both enter the international Communities in Bloom competition which takes place annually in Canada. The competition was set up to encourage towns to improve the quality of life by making them more attractive, raising people's awareness of the environment, better preserving their heritage, and encouraging local people to participate in community activities under the auspices of this twinning.
The prizes were awarded on 28 and 29 September 2000 in Edmonton, Canada, in the presence of representatives of Canada's ten provinces. The participants were graded in categories based on the size of their population, being awarded from one to five flowers for the quality of the areas embellished with flowers, their general environment, and their heritage.
Mont-Tremblant was awarded four flowers for its horticultural program, and Châtel four flowers for the way in which it has integrated farming and tourism.
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