Furnished rental ranking

The new customer-focused standards, adapted to each accommodation type, shall contribute to improving the quality of equipment as well as the services, thanks to a more demanding, comprehensive and evolving model.
Furnished holiday rentals are subject to 1 - 5* ranking adapted from a ranking table operating according to an “obligatory” and “à la carte” (i.e. optional) points system.

Why undergo furnished-rental ranking?

Ranking is not obligatory in order to rent, but it is recommended as it presents several advantages:
  • A guarantee of the quality of your accommodation for your customers on a nationwide and international level,
  • A possible promotion on accommodation brochures and on Tourist Office websites,
  • Online marketing possible on Tourist Office websites,
  • A free affiliation with the French National Holiday-Vouchers Agency (ANCV) is possible,
  • A tax advantage: a fixed-rate deduction of 71%

The ranking procedure:

Contacting ID Tourisme (Offices de Tourisme et Territoires de Haute-Savoie).
You can download here beside the furnished-rental renter's guide as well as all the forms and explonations necessary to classify your apartment.

If you want someone to come to visit your accommodation, please get in touch with:
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ID Tourisme

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ID Tourisme
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