Dents du Midi Trail - 7 Summits Challenge

Location : Parvis de l'église
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The Trail des Dents du Midi is a world-class alpine trail running competition, which circumnavigates our iconic local mountain range along one of the oldest hiking tours in the Valais.
The Seven Summits Challenge owes its legendary reputation partly to the exceptional panorama of the Dents du Midi landscape and partly to the yearly marathon that has been going strong here for almost 40 years.

For one extraordinary day, this demanding yet accessible multi-day hike is transformed into a gruelling battle of solitary endurance, more often than not exacerbated by the toughest conditions nature can throw your way.

Hovering around the treeline with occasional lung-bursting forays into lunar zones of alpine scree slopes, on a good day the trail is a seamless blend of lakes, waterfalls, torrents, tranquil forests, barren passes and verdant mountain meadows. On other days, it is endless treacherous singletracks, glazed with frost and swept by merciless winds that bite like the dead of winter.

This is not for the faint-of-heart, this is trail running at its very best.

Registrations open starting December 1st, 2019
OpeningsSaturday 19 September 2020.
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Trail des Dents du Midi - 7 Summits Challenge
Parvis de l'église
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