Published on Thursday April 14, 2022 at 08:55
Changes to Châtel Bus routes from 19 to 23 April 2022
From Tuesday 19 April, works will lead to the closure of a part of the Linga road.

The Châtel Bus shuttles concerned will operate as follows from Tuesday 19 to Saturday 23 April:

- Line 1 Centre / Pré la Joux:
- Passage every 15 minutes from the centre to Linga/Pré la Joux with departure from the Church, descent via the route des Freinets, Linga, Pré la Joux, and return uphill via the route de la Béchigne (Stops served).
- The Linga road will be served between the village centre (church square) and the Bois Colombes stop by a small shuttle bus that will run every 40 minutes.
- The stops "Les Ramines" and "La Christanie" will not be served, but a sign will indicate the information.

- Line 2 Petit Châtel - Freinets - Linga :
- Passage every 20 minutes
- Identical departure and descent, return via the route de la Béchigne (Stops served).

On Sunday 24 April, for the last day of the season, the shuttle service will operate normally.

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