Ski lifts

On your own or with family, walking or mountain biking, the ski lifts in Châtel are the effortless way to reach the peaks and starting points of walks.

The ski lifts in Châtel will be operating every day from 25 June to 5 September 2021. The Pierre-Longue and Rochassons will be open the weekends of 11,12 & 13 and 18,19 & 20 June as well  as the weekends of 10,11 & 12 and 17,18 &19 September.

Late openings:
  • the Super-Châtel gondola will be open until 7pm (last ascent) - 7.15pm (last descent) every Wednesday from 7th July to 25th August.
  • the Pierre-Longue chairlift will be open until 7pm (last ascent) - 7.15pm (last descent) every Friday from 9th July to 27th August.

No barriers between us, just the ways to keep safe!
  • Use the hydroalcoholic gel before each boarding.
  • Wearing a mask is mandatory (from 11 years old). Masks for sale at the lift tickets offices.
  • Keep the distance in the lines.
  • Dispose of your used mask in the bins provided.
Individual Prices Familly Prices*
Summer 2021 Adult Child
(5-15 years)
Adult Child
(5-15 years)
1 return trip €7 €5.30 €5.30 €4.80
1 descent €3.20 €2.40 €2.90 €2.20

* Family: purchase in one transaction of a minimum of 3 passes of the same duration for members of the same family, including at least one child.

Four sales points are at your disposal :
  • The one of Super-Châtel in the centre of the village,
  • The one of Pierre-Longue at Pré-la-Joux
  • The one of Rochassons (at the departure of Rochassons chairlift at Plaine Dranse).
  • The automatic cashier in front of the tourist office

+33 4 50 73 34 24
The Rochassons chairlift is a 6-seater chairlift that is located in Plaine-Dranse and connects to Avoriaz.Located at Plaine Dranse this chairlift gives you access to nice walks and to the Fantasticable. You can even get to Avoriaz by using two other chairlifts…
+33 4 50 73 34 24
Departing from Pre-la-Joux, at 6km from the village center, this chairlift takes you to Plaine-Dranse area.
+33 4 50 73 34 24
Located in the center of the village, the Super-Châtel gondola takes you at an altitude of 1650m.
+33 4 50 73 34 24
The 6-seater chairlift of Morclan is taken at Super-Châtel, at the arrival of the gondola. Its arrival is at 1,970m of altitude and its panorama is to take the breath!