For a peaceful stay, don't forget to insure yourself!!!

Assistance, repatriation, interrupted stay, cancellation... Whether it is for your stay or the season, think about insuring yourself because an accident can cost you a lot!
It is important to know that mountain rescue services are not free of charge and must be paid for by the injured person.

The ski lift companies in all 3 resorts of the Vallée d'Abondance recommend 3 types of insurance:

The “Snow risk”

Available from 1 day to 21 days, this insurance covers risks related to skiing. You should take out this policy when you buy your ski pass. Conditions of sale and cover available at ticket offices.

Winter 2022.2024 Rates:

Duration per pers with cancellation
1 day €3.50 €4 €
2 days €7.00 € €8
3 days €10.50 €12
4 days €14.00 €16
5 days €17.50 €20
6 days €21.00 €24
7 days €24.50 €28
from 8 to 15 days €28.00 €32

* Cancellation option: available only if purchased on line

The « Assurensport»

Multi-activity "annual" insurance, lasting 12 months, valid worldwide, with repatriation and assistance.

2023.2024 Rates:
Individual = €69 -  Family (min. 3 people) = €169

See conditions

The Assurenski

"Seasonal" insurance for the winter season (6 months maximum), adapted for requests from the snow EXCLUSIVE practice, which contains a cancellation guarantee for all ski passes purchased in pre-sale and guarantees on the reimbursement of damaged ski equipment and replacement rentals.

2023.2024 Rates:
Individual: €59  - Family (min. 3 people): €149.

See conditions

Sales points:

These insurances are for sale at all the ski lift ticket offices located at the foot of the installations as well as at the central ticket office in Vonnes.