Snowshoe circuits

Explore new trails and have a go at being a trapper.

Over 80 km of trails providing you with a different insight into the mountains under their blanket of snow, at your own pace, on your own or with a guide. Walk, observe and breathe the air. Dazzling!

A map of the circuits is for sale in the tourist offices.
Head fro Switzerland and Vonnes Lake. The starting point is by the small chalet on the left shore of the lake, near the car park. You can also join the start of the walk by the shuttle bus from the center (Church square) to Vonnes Lake.
Itinérary The Crow circuit (tour du Corbeau), or loop of the fox (sentier du renard), is an French-Swiss route of 6.5 kilometers. The loop surrounds the Bec du Corbeau mountain and can be done in both directions.
Itinary follow signs for Villapeyron for around 2km. At the junction at Villapeyron bridge, the starting point for the trail is at the end of the small road in front of you. You can left your car at the Linga's car park at 50 meters.
Take the road to Petit-Châtel as far as the Le Tenne bend. The starting point is around 2 km from the center of the village. You are advised to take the shuttle bus, a space is very limited at the car park.
Head for Pré-la-Joux from the village center, then turn left at Villapeyron bridge. Carry on along this road for around 4km as far as the small car park on the right just before Pré-la-Joux bridge (near the Pré-la-Joux chairlift).