Ski schools

Having lessons is the way to ensure you’ll enjoy your skiing to the full. To make skiing easier and help you enjoy it even more, Châtel’s ski schools use patient and effective teaching methods. They can offer whatever you need, looking after both beginners and skiers keen to perfect their skills. They’ll accompany as you progress and come to love the snow.

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Ski and snowboard, freeride, snowshoeing. Bilingual and trilingual instructors with nationally recognised qualifications providing lessons in small groups of no more than 6, 8 or 9 pupils.
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Our Ski school led by State-certified mountain professionals, our school delivers:
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Choose quality tuition from ski instructors with nationally recognised qualifications. Ski and snowboard, snowscoot, freeride, competition courses, airboard, snowka glisse, yooner, ski club.
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ESF Châtel exists since 1948 and today has 80 in structors, real mountain professionals who all have a national instructor qualification.