Guided snowshoe trips

A full range of half-day or full day trips, for every level, is provided every week by the local operators. So take part of small groups, guided by professionals, and discover the fauna and flora, and the superb views of the area.

For any request for a quote you can contact the service providers:
  • Ecole du Ski Français: tel. +33(0)4 50 73 22 64  E-mail
  • Ecole de Ski Châtel Sensations: tel. +33(0)4 50 81 32 51  E-mail
  • Intersport: tel. +33(0)4 50 73 20 56  E-mail
  • Ecole de Ski Pro Skiing: tel. +33(0)4 50 73 31 92 E-mail
  • Mésière Sport: tel. +33(0)4 50 73 30 80 E-mail
  • Mountain Ride - Cédric Mésière: tel. +33(0)4 50 73 58 58  E-mail
Very easy walk, accessible to all in an admirable site under the imposing cliffs of Cornettes de Bise and Mont Chauffé.
Meet the chamois and the mountain fauna with a long view.
An ascent to Super-Châtel to access the Porte de Culet and perhaps the Pointe de Bellevue where the view of the Dents du Midi is of great beauty.
Discover the Cascade Bayard on a small undergrowth trail before surprising the chamois in the Louennaz valley. A walk accessible to all. Height difference: 290m.
A stroll in the Swiss mountain pastures with a magnificent view of the Dents du Midi, a picnic from the bag and a bath in Val d'Illiez in the hot springs.
Stroll in a wild and seductive setting in Abondance, an area often visited by chamois. A walk accessible to all. Height difference: 240m.
On the heights of Châtel, the alpine pasture of Le Mouet dominates the village. This will be an opportunity for us to talk about the lives of the many farmers still living in the valley. Medium level.
A hike in the Mont de Grange nature reserve, where we will try to observe chamois and other species....
Discover the frozen waterfall and perhaps the observation of chamois in the valley of Trebentaz.
On the local wildlife trail, family outings to discover nature in winter. Traces and clues of animal presence, survival strategies in this hostile environment...
A deep and wild valley bottom at the foot of the Pointe de Chavache. We can sometimes observe some chamois there.
Let's go and taste a good mulled wine at the Tindérets refuge and perhaps observe chamois in the combe d'Ardens.
Watch the chamois and wildlife in the Mont de Grange (Abondance side).
Easy stroll along the Séchat stream under the majestic Cornettes de Bise.
After a short walk to whet our appetite, we will taste some local products accompanied by their history and a glass of white wine.
Easy hiking in undergrowth and glades straddling the Franco-Swiss border, ideal for discovering snowshoeing.
A climb under the stars at the refuge of Tinderets to enjoy a fondue and grolle. Unforgettable evening.
Escapade in Switzerland, on the trail of smugglers. The opportunity to discover this not so distant practice.
After a hike in the forest, the impressive view of the Dents du Midi springs forth in front of the hiker like an imaginary scenery. Difficult walk. Height difference: 340m.
A walk punctuated by mountain tales, to admire the sunset and the night in nature.
Col de Bassachaux 1778m: this outing will allow us to discover the areas not accessible to skiers that dominate the Plaine-Dranse ski area. Panoramic view of Châtel, Avoriaz and Mont de Grange.
Easy stroll in the night, punctuated by stories and legends, to make us dream and discover the Savoyard culture while escaping.
Discover the heritage and traditional architecture of the Châtel highlands.