Guided snowshoe trips

A full range of half-day or full day trips, for every level, is provided every week by the local operators. So take part of small groups, guided by professionals, and discover the fauna and flora, and the superb views of the area.

For any request for a quote you can contact the service providers:
  • Ecole du Ski Français: tel. +33(0)4 50 73 22 64  E-mail
  • Ecole de Ski Châtel Sensations: tel. +33(0)4 50 81 32 51  E-mail
  • Intersport: tel. +33(0)4 50 73 20 56  E-mail
  • Ecole de Ski Pro Skiing: tel. +33(0)4 50 73 31 92 E-mail
  • Mésière Sport: tel. +33(0)4 50 73 30 80 E-mail
  • Mountain Ride - Cédric Mésière: tel. +33(0)4 50 73 58 58  E-mail
  • Ski Peak :  tel. +33(0)6 11 87 22 37 E-mail
Superb outing, a little bit sporty, to go and rub shoulders with the slopes of Mont Chauffé.
The waterfall and the valley of the Louennaz, we will sometimes observe chamois in this isolated area.
A snowshoe outing with friends for children from 5 to 12 years old.
Escapade in Switzerland, on the trail of smugglers. The opportunity to discover this not so distant practice.
An easy hike to learn to snowshoe. Personalized advice on the positions to hold and techniques of movement. We will talk about the history of the valley, culture and traditions.
Below the Pointe du Midi, discovery and tradition of the alpine pastures at the chalet of Perthuis d'en bas.
Come and understand what snow is, why avalanches happen and how to use the equipment to save a life. Enjoy an outing off the trails and let yourself be guided.
Outing for sportsmen and women who want to reach a summit. Discover the wide open spaces and panoramic views of the Chablais summits. Perhaps you will have the opportunity to encounter wildlife in its natural environment!
On the heights of Châtel, the alpine pasture of Le Mouet dominates the village. This will be an opportunity for us to talk about the lives of the many farmers still living in the valley. Medium level.
Go to the Boudîmes mountain pasture in the footsteps of the farmers and their way of life. Tasting of Abondance cheese made on this mountain pasture and Savoy wine.
An easy hike in the undergrowth on the side of the Bayard waterfall to learn to snowshoe. A pleasant outing on the edge of the Mont de Grange reserve.
Discovering chamois and wildlife in the valley of Savolaire, under the peak of Horn in Abondance.
Wildlife outing in the Mont de Grange reserve to discover mountain life and try to observe chamois in their natural environment.