Published on Tuesday June 25, 2019 at 17:12
Traffic conditions from 27 to 30 June, due to the mountain bike show being held this year in Châtel:
We inform you of some traffic and parking disruptions in the village centre that you will have to face during these three days. We thank you for your understanding.

From 27 to 30 June inclusive: traffic modifications - diversions implemented.

1/ Traffic cut off from the village centre from the Béchigne roundabout to the tourist office. Deviation planned to reach Switzerland from the roundabout of Béchigne via the road of meurba, villapeyron and Linga. Diversion to Thonon planned by the linga road and the RD228 departmental road.

2/ Traffic cut off road from the centre from the Café Zeph to the road behind the municipal library - deviation planned for the Petit Châtel by the road of the Boude or the Taude.

3/ For residents living near the Crêt and the Boude sector, deviation planned by the route du Bouchet and the route du Taude then route du Roitet.

From 26 June to 30 June inclusive: regulations concerning parking in the centre
  • No parking on the parking lot of the town hall, the tourist office, along the Thonon road from the Béchigne roundabout to the entrance of the underground car park.
  • Access to the underground car park will be possible from 6:30 am to 8:30 am and from 7:30 pm.
  • The parking of the Vonnes road centre next to the waste PAV is reserved for the shuttle parking which will provide the centre-linga and centre-vonne connections.
  • The car park in front of Châtel Reservation is reserved for the bike washing area.
  • Parents whose children attend the nursery and/or school are invited to park in the schoolyard parking lot reserved for them for school entry and exit.

Bus Châtel -Thonon :
The bus will stop and leave from the Béchigne roundabout (SAEM sports and tourism).

Châtel Shuttles :

3 buses: Vonnes - Village Centre - Linga - Pré-la-Joux
1st departure from Vonnes at 7am
Last departure from Pré-la-Joux at 7pm
Rotations all day long: about every 20 to 30 minutes.
Shuttle parking on the parking area of the Vonnes road centre on the right after the bend in front of Châtel Tourisme.

1 small shuttle: Village Centre - Le Boude - Petit-Châtel - Le Taude - La Béchigne - Village Centre.
1st departure at 8:30 am
Last departure for full trip at 6:30 pm
Hourly rotations
Attention: this shuttle is a small bus and will not be able to take the mountain bikes by the dozens.

People staying on the Route des Freinets will have to take the shuttle bus to Villapeyron to return to the village centre.

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