The Chablais Geopark celebrates Science

From Friday 06 to Sunday 15 October 2023

Every day

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For the 2023 edition, let's explore geodiversity, the source of the Earth's many faces, through a program of free events: nature outings, conferences, experiments, fun activities...
Planet Earth has many faces. Many of them can be seen in the Chablais region: mountains, lakes, plains, rivers, forests, towns... All these landscapes are largely controlled by Geodiversity.
What is Geodiversity? How does it control landscapes? What impact does it have on humans? Why and how should it be preserved?
To explore these questions, the Geopark offers a rich program of free activities, in all four corners of the Chablais region:

- field trips with Geopark mediators:
with Cédric Cordonnier in Bernex on the mysterious links between soil and flora;
with Geneviève Favre in Sciez on the flora and fauna between meadow and beach;
with Maxime Gay at Les Gets (Col de Ranfolly) on the volcanoes of the Chablais;

- a lecture followed by a discussion with Camille Dusséaux (teacher-researcher at the Université de Franche-Comté) in the auditorium of the Pôle de la Visitation in Thonon-les-Bains: How does a raindrop inform us about Life millions of years ago?

- a day of activities with researchers and mediators at INRAE in Thonon-les-bains: workshops, itinerant trail, exhibitions and mini-conferences to (re)discover the research carried out on lakes within CARRTEL, as well as the various actions proposed by the Géoparc du Chablais, the LPO, SCIMABIO and SUBBEAR;

- two workshops offered by the Musée de Préhistoire et Géologie de Sciez: Natural hazards and Flintknapping;

- activities for schoolchildren: La Géodiversité, tu connais ?
... So many ways to better understand the diversity of the landscapes that surround us!
OpeningsFrom 06/10 to 15/10/2023, daily.
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