Vita-trail route

  • Parcours vita-trail
Two routes courses on the sunny sectors of Tenne/Barbossine/Super-Châtel will allow the outdoor sport as running, crossfit, trail... for this summer, 2016:
-A  VITA route between undergrowth and pasture and equipped with 21 modules coupling phase of warm-up, work of strengthening and stretching on a length of 3.8km.

-A " trail "  route of 10 km and one made uneven positive of about 700 m. It will resume on the first kilometer the modules of warm-up  and on the last one the apparatus of stretching. Between these two sectors, the route will borrow the high mountain pastures of the resort, edges of the French-Swiss border, and the peak of Morclan (on 1970 m) which will offer a panorama on the whole Abondance Valley.

These routes were realized with the partnership of  Evian waters.

Thank you for following the instructions of environmental protection during your passages in these natural circles.
Published on Wednesday March 22, 2017 at 11:39