Multi Pass offer

Why choose a hosting provider who is a Multi Pass member?

Choosing a host participating in the Multi Pass operation means enjoying more than 30 unlimited activities in the Portes du Soleil for only 2€ per person per day!

How do I find out which hosting providers are Multi Pass members?

All the hosters of Châtel who take part in this operation are indicated by the logo "hébergeur Multi Pass".
(you can also find them on

How's it going?

If you are staying in a hotel, by the Central Reservation Office or by a real estate agency, at Les Fermes de Châtel and Les Chalets d'Angèle residences, your host will give you a countermark with which you can then buy your Multi Pass for 2€ per person per day from the lift ticket offices.

If you are accommodated by a private renter or at the Grand Lodge residence, go to Châtel Tourisme with your rental contract and we will give you the counter-mark to also buy your Multi Pass at 2€ per person per day at the lift ticket offices.

Once you have your Multi Pass in your pocket, you will have free access to numerous activities at all the Portes du Soleil resorts as well as discounts.

Attention: the Multi Pass is issued for the total duration of the stay (minimum 2 days).
Note that the Multi Pass is published on a support sold at 1€, non-refundable but reusable.

Your hosting provider is not participating in the operation?

You can still benefit from the Multi Pass day offer at 9€ per person.

Download the Multi Pass guide 2018                             Read the Multi Pass guide 2018