Famille + Montagne Label

«Mummy, what’s the Famille Plus award?»

The entire resort is committed and totally dedicated to providing the very best of the mountains for families and children. In hospitality, accommodation, services, events and innovations, everyone works hard to ensure that your holiday reaches the level of excellence! Illustration: children from the age of 3 have areas designed and equipped especially for them.

6 commitments that the resorts must adhere to in order to play host to both children and adults.

1: A tailor-made infrastructure for families.
2: Entertainment and activities to suit all ages.
3: A price to suit everyone: from the youngest to the oldest.
4: Activities for children and adults, to enjoy both on their own and together.
5: A nearby medical service for those 'under the weather' days.
6: Children to be taken great care of by professionals.

The award: setting the standard… and maintaining it!

This award is not made permanently. It works on the principle of continual examination! The resort of Châtel works hard at it and is subject to ongoing review. Standards are monitored and maintained by a team of resort professionals who are fully involved in the Famille Plus quality procedure and attentive to their customers’ wishes.

Châtel really gets a move on…

…because a mountain holiday is heaps of fun for everyone. No more glum faces! It’s time for sliding, skiing, climbing, boarding, exploring and enjoying tasty treats on the farm. The best time ever!
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